Baywatch Slot Game

Catch on with other slot games at Casino Las VegasThere are perhaps no television shows more iconic than the 1990s Baywatch. However, while it might have been off the air for sometimes, that doesn't mean it's been forgotten. For those who want to re-live some of the thrills of the show, complete with characters and icons, there is now a Baywatch Slot machine game that will get your heart revving nearly as fast as CJ Parker.

What Makes This Game So Different?

The Baywatch Slot game is more than just your average run of the mill slot machine with a few extra pictures and a new theme tacked onto it. While it does have face shots of everyone on the classic cast, as well as props from the show like buoys, binoculars and others, there's more to the game than its thematic appeal.

For one thing, the game offers a lifesaving bonus round that is worth huge points and cash payouts to players lucky enough to activate it. Even if players never get to dive into that part of the game though there's still more than enough action and cash to be one with regular spins. However, it's only in the bonus rounds that players get the free re-spins and access to the scratch off game that can turn a one round winner into a major jackpot situation.

Slots for Everyone

Slot machine games like the Baywatch Slot game are great for any slot lovers, regardless of their experience levels. On the one hand, amateur slot players who are more than comfortable depending on the luck of the spin can play, have fun and even win more than they put in if they happen to hit the right numbers. For more experienced players who want to be a little more careful which reels they bet on, The Baywatch Slot game is also a great option because it provides players with just the sort of freedom and planning they expect from a slot machine game like this.

That said though, the Baywatch Slot game is going to be like any other slot machine emulator on the market. Some people are going to love it, some are going to like it, and a select few are going to hate it for whatever reason. That's all right though; not every player likes the same kind of game. For those who are looking for more online slot games with bonus rounds, and who would like the opportunity to really win big, just play here for the chance to get a jackpot.


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