Benefits and Types of Multi Reel Slots

The original, classic variety of slot machines used to come with three reels. Today things have changed and nowadays we find a lot of variations in the number of the available reels in the slot machines. Slots containing more than three reels are termed as the multi reel slots.

The popularity of these machines is higher because they are synonymous with larger payoffs as compared to the original versions. Here the chances of winning the jackpot are much more. Whether you are playing in the casinos or online such as Mobile Casino, these games attract the maximum number of players from all age groups.

Gone are the days when it was the 3-reel slot machines which were ubiquitous. With the introduction of the multi reel slots we find these replacing the older versions everywhere.

This is quite natural given the improved features which one gets and the higher degree of winning chances. However there are a number of added benefits for the players which attract them towards these multi-reel versions.

The benefits of multi-reel slot machines:

There are benefits inherent with the multi reel slots for both the players as well as the developers. The games are much more aesthetically appealing and interesting to look at and play. Also with these slot versions the developers can provide the play-outs in a structured way and also add lots of features as well as bonuses which increase the attraction.

The number of reels is directly proportional to higher choices both in terms of the game characters and in the results of each spin of the slot machine. Basically the frequency of the payoffs increases in such a scenario. The play line numbers increase too and become much more flexible compared to before in the multi reel slots.

The 5-reel slots:

The 5-reel slots are by far the most common ones which we come across in the casinos as far as the multi reel slots go. Also these are the most popular ones around, especially because they offer the maximum bonuses. They offer a staggering amount of play lines which are so much more when compared to the standard 3-reel slots. We often come across 50-100 play lines associated with these.

When these games are played on the internet they come packed with features such as free spins, 2nd screen and bonus rounds. In order to enhance the user experience various different versions are also on offer such as unique themes, great animations and sound/music.

The 7-reel slots:

The 7-reel, multi reel slots are a comparatively newer introduction in the gaming fields and do not have any extra symbols or even bonuses to get the player hooked.

The 9-reel slots:

The 9-reel slots are the latest version in the world of these gambling machines. In outward appearance they can be mistaken for the 3-reel variety. But these contain diagonal, vertical and horizontal play lines. These are much more appealing compared to the 7-reel slots because they come with additional features including bonuses as well as progressive payouts. As a result it is possible to win a substantial amount by playing on these slot machines.


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