How to play Gladiator Slots

When Gladiator hit our big screens over a decade ago it captured the imagination of the cinematic and defined Russell Crowe’s career.

The action-packed story of one man’s fight against the injustices of ancient Rome is still as captivating today as it was back in 2000 and now you can have a piece of the fun in your own living room.

Many online gamers like to play movie slot machines because they combine smooth, understandable gameplay with an immersive cinematic experience. This is certainly why the Betfair Gladiator Slots are so popular, for the game provides all the tension and action associated with the Hollywood blockbuster.

Playing the game is quite simple but if you’re a first-timer to slots then you can always watch the demo and have a few practice spins before having a go for real. Just like General Maximus Meridius during those intense battle scenes you must decide when to risk it all and when to hold back and conserve what you have.

There are two main components to the Betfair Gladiator Slots machine that you must consider before spinning. The first is how many lines you want to play and how much to bet per line. Each spin offers you the chance to bet on up to 25 different line combinations, all of which are demonstrated when you click to change the amount. By selecting, for example, 10 lines at 50p per line your total stake on the spin is £5.

Of course, you can up your stake to increase the potential pay-outs and there are two gripping bonus rounds that further offer you the chance of winning big money. The first is the Gladiator Bonus, which requires three gladiator helmets to lie within reels two to four before taking you to another screen. Here, you choose a single helmet from nine, all of which posses a hidden cash prize.

The second bonus is the Coliseum: reminiscent of the enormous theatre General Meridius must fight for his life inside, where the gamer systematically works their way up the rows winning prizes and free spins on the way.

The game is popular in the online casino world because of its various chances to win big and gripping atmosphere, a combination that brings the Gladiator movie right to your own home.


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