Real Gambling Records: Discover Famous Poker Winners

Poker is a popular game because it is challenging and profitable, if you know how to play it strategically. There are many variations to it but now, Texas Hold’em holds the pop culture’s mainstream poker. Beginners rely mostly on books that reveal secrets to winning poker successfully while others try to know the winning style of famous poker winners and try to apply their tricks. They use all they can find - starting from strategies and up to casino bonuses. Frankly, bonuses is the best way for all players, as anyone can get them and they are easy to use. Get Unibet Bonus to make a new gambling record!

Antonio Esfandiari – Poker Winner

Antonio Esfandiari is an Iran-born player who is known for his skills in Texas Hold’em. He came to the US when he was only 9. He lived in the country with his father and grandparents. He did not have a happy childhood because he suffered from bullying by fellow kids, which is why he changed his name to Anthony, from the original Amir. Antonio, as he is now called, had been a good student but in his late teen years lived on his own and was able to support himself to school. He used to study magic when he became interested to it upon seeing a bartender performed some tricks. Esfandiari started playing Hold’em poker at the age of 20. He had accompanied his roommate to a tournament at San Jose and there he got the interest in joining tournaments as well. He started considering playing poker as a profession when his magic business declined.

Esfandiari is considered as the youngest pro player in World Poker Tour, He had already won millions of dollars from various tournaments which led him to write a book to share his knowledge in the game. He also has a video and dealt with an online casino. He now enjoys his winnings but continues to prosper his career. Esfandiari was able to capture the hearts and fancy of viewers because of his showmanship that came from his background in magic.

Erik Siedel – from Backgammon to Poker

Erik Siedel is another top poker winner, who started out as backgammon player. His first ever poker tournament already led him to the second place. After that, he continued to play until he had already enjoyed 7 WSOP bracelets. He is a New Yorker but now resides in Las Vegas Nevada.

Daniel Negreanu and His Achievements in Poker

Daniel Negreanu of Toronto Canada became enticed at poker and moved to Las Vegas to become a full time player. He even traded his diploma for poker for he was so confident about it. True to his belief, his knack for this game did not disappoint him. He won two first places in World Poker Finals and took every world tournament by storm. He was generous enough to share his knowledge with beginners at an online tutorial site. Novice players admire Negreanu for his humility and composure each time he sits to play poker.

These three poker winners have proven that poker can be a career. It can be very profitable but the best things you gain from it involves fulfillment that your strategies and plans can make you a successful player in the field. These successful people also know how to it forward by providing lessons for others to know. 


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