Used Comics Are Not Only Waste Paper, but a Good Investment

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To win jackpot, to play to win jackpot, even to live in Jackpot is possible. But how about reading Jackpot? In far 40s it is possible. We are talking about comics, which now replenish the huge stock of the used comics.

Jackpot became inspiration for many people, who work in different fields, like cinematography, fiction, just geography and many more.

Jackpot Comics

It is a comic book, which was published by MLJ Magazines Inc. In total there were nine issues of the magazines between 1941 and 1943. The heroes were the characters of the previous MLJ publications.

Older generation remember Blue Ribbon Comics, Top-Notch Comics and Pep Comics. In every issue of the comics the readers could find their favorite characters like Joe Blair, Black Hood and Mr. Justice. Their story could have been written in a one-page story. Sometimes the readers read the stories about both Steel Sterling and Black Hood.

That was old, really old comics, which our readers might have never heard of. But there are other comics, which are familiar to many.

Jackpot Ladies

In year 2007 new character of the comics showed up on a horizon of the popularity. It is interesting, as this name is shared by two ladies-heroes of the comics - Sara Ehret and Alana Jobson. You might have come across these names in the Spider-Man's stories.

The whole story about these two ladies is about how to be a super hero. It is a twisted story of two women, of whom - Alana Jobson - steals the identity of another one. Then Alana, or Jackpot, has a crush on Spiderman and gradually becomes a lesbian, as she fell for Sara.

Then Alana dies and in order to save herself, Sara takes Alana's name.

It is a vivid comics, bright pictures and it is breathtaking, as while you are reading, you are revealing new features of character, some real ideas for life.

Some people say it is too surreal, but there are some points arousing, which are good to think for everybody.

Jackpot curse

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Jackpot charity

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Jackpot game show

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Gambling humor

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