Lotto Jackpots Are Won Every Day All Over the World

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Lottery, lotto jackpots, lotto winnings. Have you ever thought about that? Have you ever dreamed about that stuff? Let's imagine one scene. You are sitting in your armchair in front of TV. You are holding that little piece of paper and wait until the commercial ends and the lottery winners will be called.

Online jackpots look very you turn on TV...Here is the logo of the TV show, and they calling the winning numbers….All of them coincide with those you have in your ticket. Then they say that this ticket was sold in your area and you realize that now the sky opens and a bright and shiny light will be directed at you and everyone will see you. You start taking off the ground. You are in your old but favorite armchair with the stains of beer and ketchup on the sides but you do not care, as it is a wonderful feeling of becoming a wealthy person. In mind you surf through the spots on the Earth you would like to visit….

But, hang on. Rewind… You are just sitting in your armchair in front of TV. Nothing happens and you stay with your ticket and wait for another opportunity to gamble.

Doomed to Win

Well, the word "lottery" means "fate, destiny." It came to us from China. Apparently, it was the first country, where people played Keno, which is also a lottery. The governments of some countries forbid the lottery while others put it on a national or state level.

It is really interesting, how the governments allow one type of gambling by forbid another. The lottery reminds of slots and other gambling games. All the continents experienced the lottery boom, except Antarctica, simply because none wants to live there.

The USA was very puritan in the matters of gambling. But when the country was without money after the World War II, the government realized that they needed some cash donors for development. That is the lottery was recognized as a lawful game. The lotteries were popular in the 19th century but were later forbidden.

Some people become really rich at once. But money is responsibility, and for some it can become a curse.

Jackpot curse

Have you ever thought about the fact that big money brings big troubles? It is actually true. This article reveals the stories of online slots Jackpot winners with unhappy life after their success.

Jackpot charity

What do we know about people hitting Jackpot in lotteries or online slots at casinos online? The author of this article discovered amazing facts of charity from successful gamblers.

Jackpot game show

Find out more about various game shows connected with Jackpot, which was one of the most favorite subjects of all TV views in the middle 70s till the beginning of the 90s.

Gambling humor

Gambling is one of the most popular kinds of entertainment. So it is no weird that it is presented in lots of jokes, movies and books. It offers a variety of games like poker, blackjack, online slots and many other. Although complicated rules, strategies and systems that have to be memorized, the ot is fun, joy, slots jackpots and excitement.