Not Everyone Keeps the Jackpot Winning to Him

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Have you ever met the people, who actually won jackpot? Have you talked to them? Did they change and how much they changed? Winning jackpot is a lot of things that go with it, no matter if it is winning slot machine, poker game or something else.

Have you ever thought that winning a lot is a huge responsibility? How did you feel when you won some prizes at the fairs? Let's say something like a stuffed horse, bear and something else? For me it is a feeling of completeness and quiet joy. But some people really scream after. If you shoot the goal in a shooting gallery, your girl friend starts jumping and screaming as a siren. Not every girl shouts but majority does. I would be really impressed if I saw a girl with a smoking rifle in her hands and a guy jumping and screaming as a puppy near her just because she won a teddy bear for him.

Weird, ha? But it could be some base for a twisted movie.

There's a story about two guys who won one of the largest jackpots in Georgia state. Pretty impressive, especially, when you hear the sum of 318 million of US dollars. Duh…

So, here we are and here are two friends, who split the winnings. There are two heroes of the day - Mitch Boatwright and Shaw McBride. There is a quite an age difference between them but still.

When we hear Shaw's story, the younger one, we do not clearly understand what he is leading to. He tells that six years ago he had a dark period in his life. He was driving through Brunswick, Georgia. He met this guy.

This guy's name is Mitch Boatwright. He works for the church and he started talking to Shaw that day. Apparently, he was that help the guy needed. One day they met and Mitch talked to Shaw and showed him how different the things can look. They became good friends.

In six years Shaw came to Brunswick to thank his rescuer. And then they had a lunch together and stop by a store to buy a lottery ticket, one of the oldest types of jackpot games. They bought it for $20.

And suddenly they became the winners. Who would believe that? Why did they need a lottery ticket in some small town in the middle of nowhere? Obviously, there was the reason for that.

Later they were interviewed. On the question "What will you buy with the money you have now?" Shaw said that would not buy anything, as he had everything necessary. He said that he would give all the money, which is $158 million. Even after taxes and other procedures of cashing the winnings, he would still have over $100 millions. But he decided to do this way. History of jackpots does not know many examples.

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