Many People All Over the World Hit Lottery Jackpots

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How much do we know about the lottery jackpot winners after they won their fortune? What happens after the person cashes the check? Do they live happily ever after? Follow out jackpot guide and learn new and interesting information!

It happened on Christmas of 2002. Not really long time ago. As we know, everyone likes the stories, which impress, not something lame stories, which end nice without any bad consequences.

Well, the winners are poor people. Not in the literal meaning poor. After they become rich, they have lots and lots of friends, who "extremely need" money.

There is one man, who won the largest lottery jackpot ever in the USA. His name is Jack Whittaker. He won almost $315 million annuity, which is around $170 million in cash. He decided to choose the cash variant and received a check for around $114 million.

He was very generous after the jackpot. He donated 10% to the Christian charities, established Jack Whittaker Foundation to provide food and clothing for the poor families. There are also other examples of people winning large sum of money give them away for charity. Once he decided to tip a lady, who worked in a convenience store. He bought a house, new Jeep and gave $44 000 cash to her.

But not everything was so nice and lucky. His granddaughter's boyfriend was found dead in Whittaker's house. Later his granddaughter was found dead near her dead boyfriend's house few weeks after. His daughter was also found dead.

He was also burgled few times. Once the thieves took $545 000 from his car and the second time it was $200 000. It is a sad example of the lottery jackpots.

Actually, it is difficult to associate this case with the lottery winning. Perhaps, there was another problem in the family but it is still sad that such things happen with people.

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