Hotels in Jackpot, Nevada Are Popular Among Gamblers

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Well, if you that "living in Jackpot" phrase is wrong, I am going to change your mind. It is actually possible. You only need to know how. For example, you google "hotels in Jackpot, Nevada." And you actually have the valid links to follow.

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas! That is what we read when we arrive to this city. A lot of people would associate the name of the city with gambling in different shapes, some would say it is Sin City. But there are not many people all over the world, who know Jackpot.

We decided to equal this unfairness and tell you about the city with such a name. Could you ever imagine living in a town called that way?

Pretty weird. But if we have Saint-Petersburg, Paris, Plymouth, Berlin, Italy in the USA, why cannot we have Jackpo? It sounds more attractive and intriguing than others.

It is a small town in Nevada, close to Idaho border. Its constant population is around 1500 people. But at the same time it is a resort town. Of course you have no guess why… The city is situated in the utmost north-east corner of the state.

While Vegas is located on the south edge of the state, Jackpot attracts many people, as there are not many wanting to go across the entire land of Nevada to gamble. None wants to drive, ride or fly extra 400 miles to get to the gambling destination. That is why a lot of people choose Jackpot.

It happened historically. When Idaho state outlawed gambling, all the establishments moved to Nevada and the closest place was Jackpot.

Small but Popular

You might have heard or even watched a wonderful TV show called CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. There are different seasons, and each of them is shot in different locations of the US. One of them is CSI: Las Vegas.

In one of the episodes Jackpot was actually featured. It was not the town itself. But the episode took place in some town, which stood for Jackpot.

What concerns attractions, there are six major casinos with all possible gaming facilities, like poker, slots, roulette and so on.

Jackpot is not only the notion for winning large sums of money, but also a town, the name of the books, movies, comics and even a TV show. There are also tons of jokes, made up all over the world about jackpot.

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