Jackpot TV Show Was So Popular Among Different Classes of People

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Have you ever watched a TV show? Well, of course. It seems that every single person, who has a TV set, I mean the working one, at least once saw some kind of the TV show.

What concerns Jackpot! TV show, you could have caught it some time between middle 70s and beginning of 90s, of course if you were already born then. It had three versions, which were aired in different time in the USA and Canada. The first one was on for almost 2 years, the second - for around 3 years and it was produced in Canada, and the third one survived only 3 months.

What About?

It is a riddle game, where the King/Queen of the Hill questions 15 members of the show to guess the puzzles. If earlier there were the smart-smart brain games, this TV show was called to attract larger audience. If earlier most part of the day-time brain game audience was students and businessmen, now the audience covered teenagers and the house wives.


This TV show was to replace the smart shows with the lighter for understanding ones. First, the show was launched on NBC in 1974. This was the show, which broke a bunch of style customs. The host was not dressed formally, like it was earlier in the brain shows. It was casual manner of dressing. Also here the applauding and screaming appeared. It is like in the sitcoms, where you hear the viewers in the show.


Some elements of Jackpot! were transferred to the GSN show called Hollywood Showdown. One of the common elements is raising jackpot with every question (in Jackpot! if you answer wrong, the jackpot grows). Also they took the idea of a large quantity of the contestants, but not 16 as in Jackpot!

The largest winning in Jackpot! was $38,750, won by two players in 1975 and they split the winning. The game was really for smart people, but not extremely smart, as it was interesting for simple people too. Sometimes it was funny, sometimes it was sad, as your favorite player leaves the show. It would be really interesting to know what happened to the winners afterwards, what the jackpot consequences were.

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