Poker Jackpot Is Possible To Win Due to Skills and Luck

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Jackpot and poker. What can be better? Let us consider poker jackpot. There is a notion in poker called Bad Beat Jackpot. There are also other types of jackpot, like Jackpot, Nevada, which is actually not a game but a real place where people live, but now it is not a matter of talk.

So, what is actually bad beat jackpot? It is winning, which is paid out to a player, who had a strong hand. That is the player, who had a stronger hand than the one, who showed down with a strong hand. There are not many poker games, where the bad beat jackpot is possible.

The games, which offer this feature, have certain requirements to the strong and losing hands. They are to be qualified for it. Let us say, that the losing hand will be recognized as the one that has four of a kind cards or better.

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Texas Hold'em has its requirement - the hole cards of the losing and strong hands are to be played in the game, or full house should be the minimum. At the same time, both of the hole cards are to be played in order to make a three-of-a-kind in the full house.

The bad beat jackpots as usual go with a rake, which is smaller than a regular one. The rake is a sum of money, taken to raise the jackpot. In bad beat jackpot it is addition to the regular one.

When the jackpot is won, it is divided between the players. The winner takes the largest share, then the smaller is taken by the one, who lost to the winner and the smallest parts are taken by the other players. It is also good that this kind of jackpot is progressive. Even if two hands qualify for jackpot, only one takes bigger part.

Sometimes in the online games the players blame the casino for rigging the random number generator. It also happens in the land based casinos too. In order to avoid the accusations the casinos post the list to prove that statistics do not lie and their RNG is really random.

It is a very smart invention in the game, as it makes the players be hard core and long winnings more than usually and at the same time it relaxes the gamblers.

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