Slots Tips Are Always Useful If They Are Trusted Ones

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Have you ever heard this kind of phrase "Let me tell you something," "I think it should be like this:…" or any other variation of someone's attempt to tell you what to do? Everyone has tips for us: life tips, school tips, personal relations tips, private life tips, slots tips, friends tips, online casino reviews and so on and so forth…

It is difficult to say that none in our life gave us some advice. There are few groups of people, who want to tell you what to do. One of them is the people, who really care. One is those people, who just need to teach someone to live. One wants to make you think for yourself and gives hints about that.

We are not going to teach you how to live. We want to help you in your current or going-to-be hobby. We don't want you to blow your money and stay penniless. You need to enjoy the game at least.

What you should NOT do

1. You should not wink at a dealer.

2. You should not keep your coins together with the lucky silver dollar, if you are playing slots.

3. You should not drink, if your intention is not to lose all the money at once and get drunk at the same time, you should figure out what is more important to you right now and quit doing the other thing.

4. You should not bet all the money, you might need some to get home. Watch your bankroll.

5. You should not put all the coins you have for the slots on top of the slots machine. Looks stupid and they can be stolen.

6. You should not tip the security guard.

7. You should not ask your neighbor if he can break a ten.

8. You should not answer "Pentecostal on cashier's question, "What denomination would you like?"

9. You should not carry your food around the place.

10. You should not ask the dealer about the odds at strip poker.

11. You should not ask the card games dealer to show you some card tricks.

12. You should not ask where you play games for fun.


1. You SHOULD have fun and relax while gaming.

2. You should read gambling jokes.

3. You should know weird, stupid and sad examples of gambling in order not to repeat it and become a "hero" of gambling history.

4. You should realize that pretty much all the gambling games are random and luck rules.

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