Millionaires Club Opens Its Door to the Interested Players

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So, are you ready to read more good news on the progressive slots? They are the most desired slot machines ever, as the payout is growing with every minute. It is very inspiring and intriguing. You can compare this slot machine features to Monopoly or Megajackpots.

Progressive jackpot slot machines represent one of the greatest inventions in the gambling world. Have you ever looked at the top of machine, have you seen how the jackpot meter is rolling the numbers? It is breathtaking and thrilling view.

Reel, Lines and Progress

It is a five-reel and nine-line progressive slot machine. We are talking about this machine not just because. It has a very distinct peculiarity, which all the players remember. You can switch coin denominations without switching to another machine. It is really comfortable and convenient.

We do not need to stay in long lines of the players to get the coins and wait in a long line of all volunteers to that very machine we want to gamble.

It is based on Cryptologic software. The largest progressive jackpot starts at a rate of $175 000. The second largest jackpot is 10 000 coins.


It was a mere classic three reel slot until a brilliant idea in 2005. After that year it was converted into a giant of the field. As it has multi denominations feature, there is a condition to qualify for the largest prize. You need to bet the biggest denomination in order to receive the largest winning.


This type of the progressive slot machines does not only have the multi-denomination feature, it also has a bonus feature. It gives you a chance to spin the wheel for free. You can also take a prize on offer or make another spin. If you decide to spin again, you might say goodbye to your chance to win the prize.

If it happens that you hit an arrow symbol, then you move to the next wheel. If it happens again, you are moving to the next one. If you are hitting the arrow symbol for the third time, you win jackpot.

If you are winning bonuses, you get payouts according to multiplies of the original bets you made earlier.

Jackpot curse

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Jackpot charity

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Jackpot game show

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Gambling humor

Gambling is one of the most popular kinds of entertainment. So it is no weird that it is presented in lots of jokes, movies and books. It offers a variety of games like poker, blackjack, online slots and many other. Although complicated rules, strategies and systems that have to be memorized, the ot is fun, joy, slots jackpots and excitement.