Megamillions Jackpot Is a Wonderful Opportunity for You

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Our life is full of unexpected events. We all, even the worst cynics, deep-deep in our hearts want to be better than someone else, win more than others, be cooler than the rest.

But we never think about the consequences of our deeds, actions and thoughts. We all are human and mistakes are a part of our lives.

Jackpot is

a consequence of the slot, poker, lottery or roulette or any other gambling game. We play and secretly hope that we will win. We betted $100 on 13 in roulette and the moment of truth is so close and we want it to fall into the pocket of number 13. When we play slots, we want that very combination to coincide with the winning one. In lottery it is expectation that all the numbers will be the winning ones.

But there is another consequence after the consequences. It sounds twisted and tautological but let me explain. After a person wins jackpot, what happens?

The jackpot hitters are mostly people with an average income. When they receive a large sum of money, it is like a bolt from the blue. It blows person's mind.

Have you ever heard about the jackpot winners, who became successful investors? Very often it happens vice versa - the one, who won a lot, loses all the winnings. Not just lose like a wallet, but buys lots of unnecessary stuff.

Once upon a time…

There was a guy, who won a lottery jackpot. His name is Jack Whittaker. He won around $315 million. Not bad, even after all the procedures are done, he had $114 million. But not everything was smooth in the life of this guy.

His daughter and granddaughter died after. He was also burgled few times. Once the thieves stole $545 000 from his car and the next attempt was crowned with $200 000. It is a sad example of the lottery jackpots.

Another case in history…

There was another guy named Mitch Boatwright and he had a friend Shaw McBride. Mitch is not really interesting for our story, as Shaw is. Well, they won $318 million. And, of course, they split the winning. They were really happy, as the $20 ticket brought them luck, money and fame.

But let us go back to Shaw McBride. He decided to give his share, which is around $158 million, away. He said that he does not need it, as he already has everything he needs.

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