Jackpot Winners Become Rich and Famous Instantly

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Many play, many try to win, many stay penniless, some win. We are going to talk about lucky ones, who succeeded and made their lives a bit better. Some changed their lives completely and irreversibly after using winning slot machines.

It is really sad that for certain people it became some kind of curse and they could not get over it. When someone is not ready for huge money, it just blows person's brain off. There are examples of people, who won lottery or met lucky winning slot machines and went crazy about their winnings.

It usually happens because it is an unexpected thing. People simply bought the tickets or the coins to play with. It is a matter of luck, not someone's extraordinary talents or brain abilities.


It was an average day of one American lady, who came to spin a couple of coins in her favorite slot machine. Everybody around knew her, as she was a devoted customer. She lives in Las Vegas, just in the heart of the Sin City.

She read her horoscope and it said that her day of October 25 will be a successful one. So, according to her plan of the day, she went to Santa Fe casino, her favorite spot in Vegas.

Beverly, our hero of the day, was gaming at her favorite machine among the variety of different winning slot machines. Suddenly the machine was all sparkling and shiny. She heard this music and the voices behind, "I can't believe it!" "No way!" "That's luck!" She couldn't associate it with herself but in a couple of seconds she realized - it was all about her. That was a real revelation for her. She couldn't believe her eyes that she won that much

Mama mia… it was $1,236,985.35. The most important thing was 35 cents. In just a push of the button, she became a millionaire. She was shocked, impressed, thrilled and just extremely surprised.

One million for playing Spring Carnival - not bad.

Who Else?

There is another lady, who became a millionaire in the twinkling of an eye. Helen Jenner pushed a button at one of the winning slot machines and suddenly won $1,058,092.24. She played Wheel of Fortune and became a jackpot winner. Helen gambled in a Cannery Casino & Hotel.

There is also a story about Jack Whittaker, who later destiny was not as successful.

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