There Is a Bunch of Movies Called "Jackpot" and All Are Thrilling

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To watch jackpot, to watch somebody winning jackpot. Well, there are so many viewers, who see how one nerd, gambling over 24 hours non-stop, tired and sweaty, wins jackpot. Then he somehow stops smelling and everybody likes him.

He instantly has thousand friends, or as many as can fit at the casino. He receives hіs 15 minutes of fame and lives happily ever after, better to play online keno. Good end, not predictable at all. Very fresh idea.

Jackpot #1

Would you mind watching Bengali movie "Jackpot?" It is not about winning at common gambling games. It is about winning jackpot in the reality show. There are two men left in one step to the 1 billion of rupees, which is around $200 millions.

The last task before winning is to be a police constable for one, Dodo, and another one, Arka, has to be a driver. They have three days including nights to fulfill the assignment. The one, who makes less mistakes, wins the show.

As you understand, the movie is shot in the best traditions of the Bollywood. There are many adventures the guys are to take on their way to success. They help a girl to find her lost love. Everyone is dancing and singing. At the end it appears that they are both champions and the reward is divided between them.

Arka gives his winning to the friend's medical needs. Dodo also donates jackpot for the good things. It appears that they are good friends and Dodo convinced his friend to take part in the show. Everything ends really nice and everybody is happy. And of course they are singing.

Jackpot #2

If you are looking for another story of success, you might probably find it here. But again, it is not about jackpot winners, but the ugly truth of life. So, Hollywood version of Jackpot. The city of Jackpot is also mentioned in the movie.

There's a man Sunny Holiday, who wants to become a successful country-western singer. He leaves his wife at home to start touring in the small towns with his manager Lester. It is a nine-month tour. They are to cover over forty cities.

It is their perception of American dream. They are expecting that the big day is so close. Sunny's strange way of taking care of his wife and child is that he keeps sending home the lottery tickets. We all know that everyone has to pay his price of fame, luck and success.

Apparently, these guys chose the wrong way towards it. They get into trouble that leads them to the arrest. Then Les bails Sunny. Their ways parted. Sunny's wife wants him home but he chooses to join a company of guys, and later the manager Les is tracking Sunny down.

It is up to you to decide what jackpot is in this movie. The history of gambling does not give bright examples of the people who jumped from rags to riches because of the game and felt completely comfortable in their new status.

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Gambling humor

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